Thursday, 1 July 2010

Super exclusive: Music Jam free item!

My good friend Revgreen (Website here), asked me for help on a sneak peek super exclusive! I helped him, and then he kindly gave me the exclusive! Thanks buddy ;) Anyway, the free item in the Music Jam is going to be a Green tamborine! Pretty cool! It might only be for members (Sorry non-Members). Here is a picture of it:

Cool! I hope it will have a cool dance that goes with it too! What do you think?



  1. Timezone? I live in UK, so it will (hopefully) be the same as your timezone. I live in Manchester, and after watching The Pandorica Opens Confidential Ep, there may be a five minute gap from here to where you live. Hopefully not though. WE ALL HAVE FLARE!

  2. Thanks for having me as Penguin of the Week, it should be Penguin Who of the Universe. LOL. I can film on the following dates (all in this week). Wednesday (after 4), Friday (after 4), Saturday and Sunday (anytime after lunch). Next week I will be able to film on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday allong with the weekend. The week after that, High School is out (thank God I don't have to listen to the musical, LOL) so all week I can film! Your buddy Kraang/Kerange.