Thursday, 8 July 2010

Music Jam '10 is here!

As most of you know, club penguin updates early! Well, the music jam '10 is here now! And it is awesome!

Here are the Free items:

Non-member items:

Blue headphones - Cove

Member items:

Boombox - Night club rooftop

Music Jam shirt - Backstage

To get into the casa fiesta and backstage, you need an all access pass! These are available in the booth at the ski village and the snow forts!

Then you can go to the iceburg, and party with the penguin band!

There are instruments for sale in the backstage too! More will be available on the 15th.

If you have the origonal Elite penguin force game, or have played penguin chat 3, youll recognise this:

If you dance wearing the music jam shirt and a guitar, you play the guitar! Just like the newspaper said! Coolgem50 is rocking out! (He's bald! :O)

Pretty coolio! Whats your fav bit about the music jam? Mine is the night club rooftop! Have fun jamming! :)


1 comment:

  1. Gem! BIG Emergency! The Candy Apple Pin has dissapeared from the Hidden Lake! It can't have been replaced cos' it's far too early! Glitch? Get out of my comment! Could this be a glitch because of the Jam? I knew jam ruins computers! I tried to find the new pin and couldn't! Post on blog, but say thanks to me please. Take a photo of the Lake with me plz... Bye! Your loyal reporter working for rival blog Kraang!