Want more hits? Then advertise your site in the sidebar right away! Even if you don't have a banner to advertise it, you can still get adspace here at Club Penguin Carnival. The Table below will tell you how long you can get it, and for what price.

How long?                            Prices                                          

Trial ( 1 Week )                    Free

1 Month                                1 Card-Jitsu Code 

2 Months                              2 Card-Jitsu codes or one Coin code.

6 Months                              4 Card-Jitsu codes, 2 Coin Codes or 1one month membership.

*If you don't have a banner*

If you don't have a banner to advertise with, we will make you one (Not in the free trial). It will either cost you 1 Card-Jitsu code or we will take away 1 week of your adspace.


It's really that simple! Just e-mail the codes to and our ad will be up in at least a day (We will not count the days they are not up as part of your adspace). Your site will be earning hits in no time!