Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Catalouge June - July 2010 cheats!

The new catalouge has been released! Here are all the new catalouge cheats!

Click the tree to get the 3D glasses, and the penguins foot to get the accoustic guitar!

Alot of cheats on the second page! Click something circled, and you will get the supernova suit, the rocker and the blue sunglasses!

Click the Piano board for the red sunglasses, and the speaker for the purple electric bass!

Click the african masks eyes for the trombone, and the penguins beak for an outfit!

Phew! Thats all i could find! I LOVE all the new items, but i am a bit disapointed that they brought back the 3D glasses :( I loved those, but now they are not rare! Oh well! :)


Club Penguin Times #246

The new Penguin Times has been released early!

As the cover pretty much says, it is mostly about the music jam '10! WOOP!

Upcoming events:

July 8th - New Postcards!
July 8th - Music Jam starts!
July 15th - New Pin hidden!

Cool! Catalouge cheats coming soon!


Candy Apple Pin!

The new pin has been released! It is hidden in the underground lake! It is a candy apple... Mmmmmm... *Drools

Why a candy apple? Maybe at the music jam they will give away free candy apples! YUM!


Music Jam '10 prep!

Hi! There will be a music Jam '10, starting July 8th! Woop! There is preperation for it everywhere!

The lighthouse is turning in to a stage, like last year!

Pretty cool! Check out the puffle fireworks at the iceburg!


What do you think-Music Jam

so as we thought a music jam i cant wait
what do you think will happen in the music jam? tell me and if you are correct you bag yourself 50 coins!



Hellooooo! This post is sticky, so scroll down for cheats!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Field-Op #3 walkthrough!

The new field-Op is here! Calling all agents! We've detected an old PSA spy phone lost near a large light bulb. It must not be found by herbert! Search the island for the phone, then destroy it by overloading its circuits! Here is how you do it:

1: Accept the field-Op

2: Go to the cave mine.
3: Go to the big light bulb.
4: Your phone will ring. answer it.

5: The puzzle is the same as the first one! Complete it by matching the shapes.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed Field-Op #3! Collect your medal!

Its still a cool thing, but please have something NEW club penguin! Also, this field-Op explains the lightbulb pin. Maybe more Pins will be linked to field-Ops, in future!


Penguin Who episode 5: The Alliance (1/2)

As promised yesterday, episode 5 of penguin who is here! An alliance is formed between the doctor and a spy who both are investigating the cracks. But the crack in the coffee shop is growing more powerfull all the time...

Tell us what you think in the comments! Episode 6 (Experiments return (2/2)) coming soon!


Monday, 28 June 2010

Penguin Who episode 4: SIDRAT

The doctor is seperated from the TARDIS, he doesnt know what he's fighting or what to do. He has to figure his way out of this nightmare before the TARDIS explodes...

Comment with what you think! Episode 5 called the alliance, coming... tomorrow!


Super Exclusive - Hockey table playset!

Club Penguin will release a hockey table playset! The expected release date is 1st august. You can see what it will look like below!

Will you buy it? I definitely will!


New glitch: Sport Shop!

Hi! The adventure party has ended and rockhopper has left, but there is a super cool new glitch! The Everyday Phoning facility has changed to the Sport shop! You cant go in it though. :(

If you want to get in to the Everyday Phoning Facility, you can teleport to HQ then leave through the door. At least we get to say goodbye to the outside of the sport shop undamadged!


Thursday, 24 June 2010

New music and community tree growing!

There is some new music! Me and pinguoo6 love the viking opera music! The new tunes are circled in red:

Also, the community tree is HUGE! check it out!

In other news, tomorrow i am going to stay with pinguoo6 for a few days. It proboberly wont affect you, as we will still be bringing you updates, but just a bit later. I am getting my copy of herberts revenge tomorrow, and i will proboberly make an unboxing video for you. :)


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Club Penguin Times #245

The Club Penguin Times #245 is here!

Keep the adventures going until June 27th, or carry on the celebrations in your igloo!

The newspaper hints that there might be a music jam soon! Music Jam '10!

Upcomming events:

July 1st - New penguin style!
July 1st - New Pin hidden!
July 8th - New penguin mail!
July 15th - New better igloos catalouge!
July 23rd - Underwater adventure on at the stage!

Cool! I hope the music jam comes back!


Field-Op #2 walkthrough!

Calling all agents! Our security system is offline - a broken antenna has left us defenseless! Sensors show the antenna is up high, but disguised. Search the island then use your phone to fix it! Here is how you complete the field-Op:

1: Accept the field-Op in the command room.
2: Use your Map to go to the ski hill.
3: Waddle over to the pole in the middle.
4: Your spy phone will start to ring. Click it.

5: Power up the chipset! Guide your micro battery by remote control. Go from the recharger to the chips. Watch out for traps!

6: Click engage.
7: Your phone will look similar to the picture below. You have to guide the battery to the chipsets. Dont get hit by the lasers!

8: Once you have completed it, collect your medal!

A harder field-Op today! But still cool!


Rockhopper reviewed by you!

The new reviewed by you is here! They asked you what you would do if you could hang out with rockhopper for a day, and Squeaky 5066 said:

If I could spend a day with Rockhopper we would swim with the fishes and sunbath on a rock and get out our picnic hamper to see what goodies it held, then we could go on a boat and do some fishing followed by scuba diving and lastly swim with the dolphins.

Next week, club penguin want to know what your ultimate field-Op would be! Mine would be to stop herbert once and for all! Congrats Squeaky5066!


Monday, 21 June 2010

Rockhopper has arrived!

Hi pengys! Rockhopper is here! We will be tracking him 24/7! i already met him!

We made a new ship then looked for the giant squid! Rockhopper even said i can join his crew! The migrator now has new items:

The squid lid has been released! Its pretty kewl! What do you think about Rockhopper? The tracker is below:

Track him! Comment if you find him with the server and room name :)


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Which side are you on?

The battle is on! which side are you on? Im with the captains. Coolgem's on the pirates.Who are you backing?

Remember to vote on the poll on the right!


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Card Jitsu Power card - You decide! *Updated

Hi pengys! Billybob has posted a new you decide: A power card! Im voting for the one in the middle because the animation would be phunni! Which one are you voting for?

Comment with what you are voting for! it also said that the squid lid would be released this week! YAY!


After about half an hour of it being on the whats new blog, billybob removed the post! Why? Maybe they made the decision already? Maybe it was an error? Maybe wasnt supposed to put it up there! i dont know!


Friday, 18 June 2010

Theme tune

this is our theme tune sung by me Pinguoo6

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lightbulb Pin!

The new pin is out! It is the lightbulb pin! It is in the pizza parlour!

Why a lightbulb? Oh well, lightbulbs are cool! Also, rockhopper is closer!


New June/July catalouge cheats!

The new catalouges are here! These are the New cheats:

Better igloo's catalouge

Go to page 1. Click the Things circled for the HD TV and the Tropical palm!

Go to page 2. Click the things circled for the mermaid vanity and bamboo torch!

Igloo upgrade new catalouge cheats!

There are no new cheats but you can view old one's by going to older posts.