Saturday, 10 July 2010

Club penguin stamps?

Helloooo! We have reached 9,000 hits! At 10,000, there will be a party and mass givaway! Anyway, at the end of the month, a new feature will launch on club penguin! Here is a sneak peek:

They are stamps! Are we having a stamp party? O_o



  1. That was submitted by Kraang, forgot to login. Then forgot pass, lol!

  2. I have an Idea for Penguin Who! Here it is:
    My character could become the Master and make the Experiments before the first episode, then in the finale I kill the Doctor using Daleks (which are evolved Cyberpenguins and now have Tin Can 3000's (from Space Adventure) body and Quip and Qua's brain thing) and the Doctor gets thrown into the Anti-Matter universe (OMEGA COULD BE MY MASTER!) by other enemies of the series. The series ends with a cliff-hanger of the Doctor regenerating into the Valeyard (thus becoming evil) and the Master overthrows Omega, who turns out to be the Master's father) using Daleks, and the Master recovers the Doctor to terrify him by revealing himself as the Doctor (now the Valeyard (must fight his dark side))'S brother! The Valeyard plans to destroy the other Doctor's so nobody can stop him, but his good side warns them telepathically and they come to the rescue! The other Doctor's reveal they are all half-penguin, half-time lord (as the Valeyard forgets most of his past) which the Master tells him is a lie, so he kills the Master (who regenerates) and the Valeyard escapes the Doctor's mind and becomes the next series' main enemy!