Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Music Reviewed by you!

Last week, club penguin asked you what your favorite musical instument was, and Rainexo said:

I love expressing my self through music! Whether it be playing the guitar or singing on a microphone, music makes me happy! Every penguin should have the amazing opportunity to play an instrument. Play away, penguins!

Music Jam is almost here and you're going to see a TON of new places to dance. So this week, they would like to know - what's your favorite dance style? Hmm... The C&P mega dance! Also known as the chicken dance... :)



  1. Hi Gem! I just need to know when we are filming. I don't think you got my last comment, but I may not be available tommorow, cos I'm going out to Camelot (shock suprise organised by high school) so might be back at half four due to coach delay thingy. Bye. Kraang/Kerange/Knuckles.