Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ninja cloud wave bracers update!

Club penguin have updated the Cloud wave bracers! Or, its a bug. If it is, i like this bug! xD When you dance, and turn invisible, Your penguin will be a darker shade of the colour you are wearing for a second! It then just fades in to being invisible! Here is me trying it:

Awesome, right? I found this first! Very first! Me feels so special! Im not sure if this works with all colours though... In other news, its the first day of advent tomorrow! I get to open my Peppa pig calander! xD What sort of calander do you have? And, what does advent mean to you? Drop a comment and tell me!


Monday, 29 November 2010

You can get Card jitsu fire and Card jitsu stamps!

Hi guys it Pinguoo6
I thought and so many of you may have thought that you couldn't get stamps for card jitcu stamps.for fire and normal. well you can all you have to do is to play 1 game and most of the stamps that you would have earned in the past will come up on the screen. the stamps are really cool

tsome of the stamps for card jitcu are...
Begin your journey and earn your white belt
win 25 matches
score 8 cards before you win

And some of the card jitcu fire stamps are
Defeat sensi and become a fire ninja
win 50 matches
conplete your fie suit

well thats all for now catch other posts bye


Friday, 26 November 2010

Field-Op #24 walkthrough!

There is a new Field-Op! Check out G's briefing:

Lets go down the the VR room... :) Stand here:

Oooh! Power up the chipset!

The island is safe again! Collect your meal :)

Next week we will be able to earn the 25th medal Stamp! Did you like this field-Op? I did!


Club Penguin Times #267

The newspaper came out on wednesday, but i was too addicted to Card-Jitsu water to post xP I am 44% 'till i get the helmet of oceans! Anyway, in the newspaper it tells you about Card-Jitsu water!

The water dojo is open and ready!

I love this card-Jitsu pic! It should be a screensaver!

Upcomming events:

Pretty cool! I still wish we had the old newspaper look though =( Oh well, i can adjust! :] I am going to find a way to give away a Card-Jitsu water card soon! So stay tuned for updates on that!


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Card-Jitsu Water is here!

Card-Jitsu water has finally arrived! It rocks! The water Dojo is open, this is what it looks like!

Here and ready to train, Ssensei! I must master the element of water, but... how? Ah, this is how you play the game:

This might confuse you, because it confused me when i first saw it! To make it easier, you start the game on the waterfall. You dont want to fall off the edge. You are standing on a stone, with stones all around you. If the stone in front of you has a water symbol on it, you will have to pick a snow card from the bottem of the screen, as snow beats water. Then you move forward. The first person to reach the gong at the end, or the last ninja standing, will gain experiance! The game is going slowley at the moment, because so many people are trying to play it. Just press the +/= button on your keyboard to make CP low quality. This will stop the lagging. Because i played in low quality, some of the pics are in LQ. Sorry about that =S Check out the new Items you can get!

I have just got the waterfall coat!

This is how it looks on my player card:

Awesome, right? Let me know what you think of this game. I think its cool! Im gonna go earn my torrant mask now! Catch ya later!


Monday, 22 November 2010

Card-Jitsu Water cards out in the UK!

Card-Jitsu water cards have been released in the UK! My friend who lives in Ireland told me he has some, and i myself purchased 6 (Yup, im that sad :P) packets! Here are 3 packs compared with 3 Fire packs!

Awesome! I Will try to update this post with more pics, but it is rather difficult for me to upload... Anyway! There is a change! This series has 110 cards!! :O Thats a lotta cards!!! You remember when we had to vote for a card-Jitsu card? All of them were made in to Cards! I dont have the power one, but i have one called "Festival of flight"! Also, as i have 6 packs of Card-Jitsu water, i have 6 codes... They cant currently be used, But i might give 1 away! If i give one away i will have a party too! What do you think about these cards? They rock!!


What Do You Think and past days- To Return?

Yes it's me Pinguoo6 and i am thinking to return two old post series to the blog firstly...

What do you think- where i ask what you lot will think happen in a party or a newspaper and if you guess corretly you get a prize

And secondly. A Trip down memory lane- where i share magical moments from club penguin with you.

so would you like to see these post returned by Pinguoo6. Yes well vote on my poll or comment below.
Thank you

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Chinese Club Penguin! :O

Hey guys!
It looks like there's definately gonna be a Chinese version of Club Penguin! Here's the swf from the Club penguin web!
Ha, the welcome screen is from the Adventure party earlier this year! Anyway, we should be expecting it sometime next year! So look out for it soon!

~Krauq Eitreb! (:

Cool Dojo/epf glitch

hi guys
i went on to club penguin today and decided to have a game of card jitcu but when i clicked yes on the message this happened

yes it took me to the evrey day phoning facility and froze my screen . it also took away my name under my penguin. try yourself it may happen to you

Sorry it has taken so long for me to make a post but there was nothing to talk about well anyway bye for now

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Password Saving Message Changed!

Hey Guys!
Club Penguin have changed the message for when you try and save a penguin on a computer! Heres the first message:
If you click yes, a little animation comes up! Its cool, and shows the dangers of saving your penguin! (If you didn't know already xD) 

There are three neat little pictures! Cool huh? (:
~Krauq Eitreb! :)

Friday, 19 November 2010

Space adventure: Planet Y!

Space adventure Planet Y Is now on at the stage!

There are no cheats in the catalogue! :O Well, i guess CP has been pretty busy lately...


Field-Ops #23!

Red alert! the EPF is under attack again! G is calling all agents in to try and stop the inflicted systems!

Want o know how to do it? Go in to the everyday phoning facility. Walk up to the phone, or just under the screen.

My spy phone is flashing! It must be here ;) Prepare to save the island again...

Aaaah! This challenge again. Im good at this :)

Almost... There...

Phew! The island is safe again! Time to make sure herbert isn't around... See ya!


Water Pin!

Just as here was a fire pin last year, there is a water pin this year! It is hidden at the Iceburg!

I bet next year they definitely WONT have a snow pin *Wink wink*


New Newspaper Look!

The Penguin Times now has a new look! Check it out:

Its OK... It could be improved A LOT But it'll do. It only has 2 pages to save paper! Wait a minute, what paper? Anyway... Card-Jitsu water is comming! You will have to deseat sensei to become a water Ninja!

I like the newsflash section! I wonder if it will be updated every day?

I dont have to type this next bit anymore D= Upcomming events:

What do you think of the new look? Tell us by dropping a comment!


Thursday, 18 November 2010

PSA Spy Phone glitch!

Hey all! There is an awesome new glitch on Club Penguin! Go to the dock on any server, and open your EPF phone... Then take a look! The PSA phone appears in the bottem left hand corner!

This is a SWF problem. The SWF of the Dock has it on! Check it out!


Awesome! I love this glitch! I guess herbert dropped Rookies phone ;)


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sensei met!

Hey guys! I recently met Sensei thanks to Dylan_Dog4! Thanks, you rock! The first time i met him, it was in a portuageese server. I got the stamp, but he left before i could get the background!

Selo Conquistado! xD The next time i met Sensei, I got the background, and some AMAZING shots of Sensei! Check out his player card! This appeared for a nanosecond!

Here is his REAL playercard :p

Here is his avatar from all angles! xD

Awesome! I hope you find Sensei using our Sensei tracker!


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Club Penguin Sensei 2010 Tracker!

Sensei has arrived in CP! Need help fining him? Use our %99.9 working tracker!

Online: Yes
Server: Tracking...
Room: Ninja hideout

Use the chat below if it says 'Tracking...'

Awesome! Happy tracking! And remember, tell us if you find Sensei!


Water Scavanger hunt cheats!

Sensei needs you! The water Dojo is being created, and he needs waterey (Is that a word?) Items! Here are the cheats for the scavanger hunt!

Go to the Stadium, and click the water bottle for the first item!

For the second item, go to the Coffee Shop and click the coffee cup.

Go to the pet shop, and click the goldfish bowl, for the next item!

Go to the cove and click the water bottle next.

Book room, cup for the next item on the list!

Item No.6! Dance lounge, bottle!

Next, go to the beach and click the bucket.

For the last item, Go to the Dojo courtyard and click the fish!

Once you have all the items, you can claim a free water tank background! It rocks! Did you like this scavanger hunt? I certainly did!