Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Im Back!

Hey Guys! My new computer got here recently, and now i have all the stuff i need on it, Im back to blogging! =D Only bad thing is, All my files were lost... Including Penguin Who Episodes... It wont be over, just, i will have to change a lot of things...

I will be rebuilding Posts later... For now... See ya!


Monday, 27 September 2010

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Club Penguin Game Day Released!

Hey guys! Club Penguin Game Day has been released everywhere now! Me and Pinguoo6 got it on friday :] Here are some screenshots from the game:

Club Penguin Game Day Released!

Hey guys! Club Penguin Game Day has been released everywhere now! Me and Pinguoo6 got it on friday :] Here are some screenshots from the game (Sorry about the bad quality!) :

Pick your team! I picked red (Obviously :p)

Look at 3D Coolgem! He's a true red supporter :')

Check out the map! 3D Coolgem made CP red! =O

He also made it Blue, Green and Yellow! 100%!

The catalogue is awesome, too! Check out the team gear!

The Special Stuff!

You can upload items and stamps online! Check out my new stamps!

Great Game, i would definitely recommend it :] Do you have it? If you do, whas your favorite bit of the game?


Thursday, 23 September 2010

NOT Abandoned...

Hey guys, you may have noticed that there are no new posts... Thats because, My Computer died on me. Just went, suddenly. I am posting this from my Extremely Slow & old Family Computer, just to tell you that i have not quit or just given up and i will post again! I should be getting a new Computer soon. I will try to fill you in when it comes. Until then...


Sunday, 19 September 2010

Card-Jitsu Fire extension pack!

There is a Card-Jitsu Fire extension Pack out! I got it a couple of days ago. Here are some screenshots:

Here is a video of me unlocking brand new cards with the code that came with it!

The cards are brand new! Tell me if you get this, kay? :]


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Club Penguin Times #257

Hellooooo Penguins! Due to some unforseen curcumstances, posts will be a lot later and not as detailed as usual. To be honest, we are lucky to be posting at all. Anyway, there is a new Newspaper out!

New Team colour - Yellow - Comming soon!

New Igloo catalogue's comming out today!

Upcomming events:
September 24th - New snow & sports!
October 1st - New penguin style!
October 5th - Mine cart stamps!

Great! I cant wait for the new team!


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fair Game Reviwed by you!

The new reviewed by you is here! Last week, they asked you what your favorite game at the fair was, and Mr Bob 27 said:

Well,my favortie Fair game is Puffle Paddle. It's super fun to see those puffles fly up and down! I also enjoy the Ballon Pop. But the best games are the ones I play with friends! Like a popcorn fight! Or hide and seek. Either way I love the Fair!

Congrats Mr Bob 27! Green puffles can now join in in Jet pack adventure, so this week, CP would like to know: what other games do you think your puffles would like? Hmm... I have no idea! :)


Field-Op #14 walkthrough!

There is a new Field-Op out! It is one of the best yet!
We must find out who's been vandalizing the island. We suspect it may not be Herbert... We need a new radio scanner. Work together to install the first part, out at sea. Good luck!

This is how to complete it...

1: Accept the Field-Op in the Command Room.

2: Go to the Iceburg.
3: Waddle over to the edge.

4: Your spy phone will start to ring. Answer it.

5: Complete this mini game:

Congratulations, you have successfully completed Field-Op #14! Collect your medal!

Gary suspects its not herbert? Oh dear...


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Trip down Memory Lane- Number 1- The Very Beginning! (October 2005!)

Club penguin started many moons ago all the way in october 2005! It took many months to construck but after much hard work it was was finally online after a few weeks penguins began to settle into there new homes at the time penguins were celebrating with new games, new buildings and new buddys! and at the end of the month penguins celebrated halloween for the first time with a party and made loads of decorations to go round the island (even know at that time there wasn't much there)

And very soon it was the end of the first month at club penguin (little did penguins know all the fun that they would be having in the future!

Next Time On A Trip Down Memory Lane- Number 2 - Whats That little Fluff Ball? (November 2005!) Coming on the 28th September 2010


Stamp updates!

The stamps are updated! For the Field-Op Medal stamps, you now dont have to have them, just your total counts!

There is also brand new Game Day stamps! =D Check them out!

Awesome! I cant wait to get this game, and new stamps! Will you be getting the game?


Green Puffle in Jet pack adventure!

It has finally happened! The green Puffle now joins you in Jet Pack Adventure! You earn new stamps with the Green Puffle.

How awesome! The animations when you crash are pretty cool too :]

There are a bunch of new stamps to earn in Jet Pack adventure! The green Puffle picks up coins and stuff to help you in the game! :D


Old Blue glitch!

There is an epic glitch! Have you ever heard about the colour Old Blue? It was the very first colour on Penguin Chat 3 (Old Club Penguin), but is not currently on CP. It is the colour Gary wears. Anyway, if you wear the green hoodie and dance, your penguin will become Old Blue! Check it out!

Does this mean Old Blue will be comming to Club Penguin? I hope so!


Monday, 13 September 2010

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Club Penguin Mural is complete!

The club penguin mural is now up in Haiti! Check out what Mickey1216's work looks like.

Pretty awesome, right? This has definitely been a world-wide effort!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fair Ticket Pin!

A new Pin has been hidden on the island of Club Penguin! It is a Fair Ticket Pin! It is hidden in the Book Room!

I like this pin! Its life size (Lol!), maybe a bit small...


New Fall Fair Prizes!

The new prizes have arrived at the Fall fair! These are the new items:

Non-member items:

Member items:

Awesome items! I wish they would give out some non-head items for my non-member friends :(


Screenhog talks Fair party!

Screenhog has a game for you! He has seen lots of penguins having fun at the fair, so see if you can find these things:

Some are tricky! Can you find all of them?


Club Penguin Times #256

Its time for a new edition of the Club Penguin Times!

New prizes comming to the fall fair!

Green puffles being trained by expert puffle trainers (Dot?) to join us in Jet Pack adventure!

Upcommin events:

September 16th - New Igloo catalogue's!
September 16th - New penguin mail!
September 16th - Fairy Fables returns!
September 23rd - New Snow and sports catalogue!

Awesome stuff right! I cant wait to take my green puffle in to Jet Pack adventure!


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Stamp reviewed by you!

There is a new reviewed by you! Last week, Club penguin asked you what's the most challenging stamp you've earned so far? Lightdeer said:

The one most challenging for me was definitely catching mullet in Aqua Grabber! I had been trying for forever, even before stamps came out! Always pulled me into walls, then id lose him. But then one day, mullet pulled me in all the right directions, and i caught him! I love that stamp so much (and the coins didnt hurt either!) so i display that stamp on the cover of my book. Waddle on CP!

Congrats Lightdeer! This week they'd like to know, what's your favorite Fair game? Tell them about it by commenting here! Hmm... Puffle paddle?


Awesome Rocking Amazing Birthday bash review!

Today was the day of our birthday bash! We had planned it for 2 months... We were expecting quite a few penguins to come! Dupple came!

We made a conga line!

Then we went to the ski lodge... Some of us anyway.

We realised that a beta was at my party! He invited everybody to his igloo! My friends stuck by me and didn't leave though :]

I wish! All my "Friends" went to the Betas igloo! Mine and Pinguoo6's party looked like this:

I learned who my true friends are. Pinguoo6 felt that all the penguins weren't there for our party and didn't care about us, so he didn't give away any codes. Our party was ruined, and i hope all of you who came feel good that you saw a beta. =(