Monday, 31 January 2011

Wilderness Expedition Over!

The Wilderness Expedition has finished, so CP is back to normal. I really enjoyed this expedition, i think it was one of the greatest parties ever! Are you sad its finished? I am!

Because the expedition has ended... How do agents complete Field-Op #31? LOL! What was the best bit of the expedition? The brown puffle? The puzzles? Drop a comment and tell me!


Sunday, 30 January 2011

EPF Message from Herbert

I have received a new message on my spy phone! This time from *Gulp* herbert!

That doesn't sound too good =S I hope the new System Defender comes soon!


Friday, 28 January 2011

Multiple Windows open glitch!

Club Penguin is full of glitches at the moment, but this is by FAAAR the funnest. You can now log on to CP in more then 1 window/tab! Just go on CP normally, the open a new window or tab and do the same! You can do this as many times as you want! Effectively, this creates clones! =) Check out my clones:

=D This is a very cool glitch. Try it, CP will fix it soon!


Brown to Red Puffle Glitch!

The Brown to orange Puffle glitch may have been fixed, but there is a new changing Puffle colours glitch! When my brown Puffle sleeps, he tuns in to a red Puffle!


Is my brown puffle really so clever he can change his colour - twice? Nah its just a glitch x)


Newspaper Issue #276!

Hi guys Krauq Eitreb again. :) So this week there was also a new newspaper!
This week it says that February is going to be the 'Puffle month'! With clothes, furniture, and even a party! Take a look here:
This Weeks New Events:
Ending Jan 30: Wilderness Expedition
Feb 1: Paycheck for Tour Guides
Fev 4: New Penguin Style

Bye guys! Have fun exploring CP! :)
~Krauq Eitreb! :)

New Fire Extinguisher Pin!

Hey guys! Krauq Eitreb here. :) So, one of the latest updates on CP is our fortnightly pin! This time its a fire extinguisher!
Pretty cool, huh? I like it. :)
~Krauq Eitreb! :)

Thursday, 27 January 2011

New System defender level!

There is a new system defender level! When i came on CP, i got a new message from Jet Pack guy...

So i went thre, and guess who's back with his centipede of doom?

Herbert! That's right, there are now 3 System Defender levels!

his level is easier than the Proto-bot level, but it is still a tiny bit difficult. But you can do it! Then you earn a stamp!

If you are a member, head down to the EPF and protect us right away! =)


The Penguins that Time forgot!

The stage is welcoming back an old play! The Penguins that Time Forgot! Check it out!

Fun fact: The Cheapest item EVER (That wasn't free) is Chester the time travellers hat! What do you think of this play being back? I like it x)


Odd Login Glitch!

There is a really weird glitch! Right now, if you try to log in to CP, before you can even reach the login screen everything goes white and a blue box with the rotating circle in it comes up.

It will go round forever! So, i guess CP is down. They have had about 20 glitches in 2011 already! Krauqeitreb reckons its the Rock Lobster! =O So, what do you think? Is it a massive glitch? Are they updating something MASSIVE? Or is it the Rock Lobster? xD

Update: This is now fixed.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sailing away on boat glitch!

Theres a lot 'o glitches around today! If you are a member, go to the shore, make your boat and then sail away to the brown puffle cave. If there was anybody else on the shore when you sailed away, you will drag them with you!

I hope they didn't drown! Luckily, one of them in the picture is a squid, so he can swim. But if they are not a squid, then they cant swim! Oh dear, i will get my brown puffle to make an invention to save them ;)


Brown Puffle Glitch!

There is a brown puffle player card glitch! When i clicked on browney to feed, this is what i saw:

He looks just like my little orange puffle, Goofy! This is a very odd glitch... How can you mix puffle colours up? :P


Field-Op #31 Walkthrough!

The new Field-Op is finally here! This is Garys briefing for our mission this week:

You have to go in to the wilderness for this one! Go in to the first room of the wilderness, and stand around where i am in the image below.

This is the mini game this week:

Once you complete this fun challange, you will get the new Field-Op message for this week!

Genius? Herbert? Or... Brown puffles? Herbert's plan involves puffles... Maybe they rebuilt the Proto-Bot?


Brown Puffle House!

If you go back to the brown puffle cave (Via the boat at the cove, to save time) you will see there is now a free brown puffle house on the rocks!

You can buy as many of them as you want! This house is all suped up! I guess the brown puffles made them :P


Friday, 21 January 2011

You decide Pin!

Hey guys! You can vote for what pin you want to be in Club Penguin soon! This is what billybob had to say:

'Hello Penguins!

The Haunting of the Viking Opera is returning to the Stage in February! To celebrate, we want to make a viking pin.

We need your help to decide what it should look like. Which pin would you like to see?'

'Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team'

You can vote for what pin you want by clicking here. I voted for number 3. What about you?


Club Penguin Times #275

Issue #275 of the club penguin times is here! I guess somebody informed the newspaper about the brown puffle, because the entire paper is pretty much overrun with puffle news.

There are loads of other puffle stuff areound the newspaper. There is also a bit on Gary helping you to use the machine =)

And then... Upcomming events...

I cant wait for the 'Puffle inspired styles' at the gift shop! Well, that's the news! What did you think of this weeks paper? Is it useful?


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wilderness Expedition cheats!

Hey guys!

I thought i would start with that picture because it looks interesting. You will find out more bout THAT subject later ;) The expedition is out! Here is my guide on how to complete it... First, go to the dock. You will see the pathway to the unknown...

Go in. Make sure to get your free item!

Then there is a maze... =D You may be confused at first...

But there are hints. There are cogs/gears/robotic parts behind trees that signal the right path! For example, the first path you have to take is to the right...

Then go up, right, down, Left, Down then right. You should have just reached a...

...Cliff! You have to get down the cliff safely. To do that, you have to make the machine work. Press the buttons in this order to make it work...

Then hit the target that comes up with lots of snowballs. Your ride has arrived!

Get in the barrel, and you will be lowered down to the shore. Non - members, your adventure must stop here =( Members, get the life jacket from here:

This is the fun bit, my favourite bit. You have to build your own boat!

Just slot the pices to how they look in the picture below. Heres one i made earlier ;)

Then you can sail away to unknown lands!

You will end up in front of a cave.

Prepare yourself, friends. For inside is a...

...Brown puffle room! AND You get to adopt one for FREE!!!! Methinks i'll have this one =)

To all you non members, here is the SWF to the brown puffle room:

You can view it in full size here.

Well, thats all! I have to go and make sure Browney gets settled in. I made my igloo like a forest, to remind him of home! I think he likes that...

LOL! Bye for now guys :)


Friday, 14 January 2011

System Defender has arrived!

The System Defender is here, and it is AMAZING! Its more of a game then mission, as you can earn stamps in it. You can find it in the command room.

This is the main screen of system defender.

Complete the training to get to know the game. Then the new app on the spy phone, messages, will come in useful. You will have a message!

Its G, Telling you that all agents need to report! But only member agents can :P If you click advanced, you can play it (If your a non member). You also get too see that Rookie is ever so clever!

LOL Rookie =) There is also a new start up screen!

Thats the System defender! Cool eh? What do you think of it? Do you wish it was Non-members? I think its a little unfair that its only members...