Saturday, 24 July 2010

10,000 hits party + mass givaway review!

Hi rocking penguins! As im sure you know, today was the day of our 10,000 hits party and mass givaway! From about an hour before the party, i was feeling really nervous! I didnt think anybody would show up at all. But then my friend, laura61666 helped me out. He went about on twitter, asking lots of penguins if they would come. About 10 minutes before the party, i popped in on my spare penguin, to see who was there. There was only 2 penguins there. I didnt think the party was going to work... How wrong i was! As soon as i logged on and went to the iceburg, i saw this penguin!

Thats right, Jmann93 made a small appearence at my party! He said i rocked, and sent me a postcard! Thanks laura61666 for getting jammy to come! =D When Jmann93 left, i thought that there would be no penguins there... i was wrong again!

We partied, and it was awesome! I had people comming up to me saying "add me! plz add me!" and i was like "whoah! OK!". Then we moved on to the ski hill. A few more penguins came then!

I had a game of sled racing and came second :) then we moved to the ski lodge! We played find four a few times, and i sent a few postcards. Then we went to the pizza parlour! We raided the pizza :P After that, we went to the nightclub!

Me and about 9 others had a dance contest! I lost -.- But when i came back to the dance club, there were loads of penguins there!

We decided to go to the dojo next, and i played 3 matches of card jitsu =D i Lost, then i won, then i... WON! =D

We then briefly went back to my igloo. We entered the box dimenson! =O We looked for the orange puffle!

That made us hungry for puffles, so we went to the pet shop to eat puffles >:) Bobhead202 started eating slidoo! =O

Then we went to the final place, the stage! There i said the party finished... There were lots of sad faces :( I asked some of my twitter friends what they thought about it, and this is what 2 of them said!

Awesome! Thanks so much guys :) i <3 my fans XD pinguoo6 coildnt make it... :( More comming soon!



  1. Sorry I couldn't make it! I had to go to my Nan's house because my Mum was celebrating her birthday at a fancy restraunt miles from where I live! I hate her! I will try to come to others though. Kraang.

  2. Where is pingu on the banner then coolgem!

  3. he has been away so i couldnt get a picture of him.

  4. so cant you make a new one afterall he does help out too you know i think he has been missed many times and what happened to his picture page?

  5. So why cant you make a new banner? or add him to the new one then?