Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Catalouge June - July 2010 cheats!

The new catalouge has been released! Here are all the new catalouge cheats!

Click the tree to get the 3D glasses, and the penguins foot to get the accoustic guitar!

Alot of cheats on the second page! Click something circled, and you will get the supernova suit, the rocker and the blue sunglasses!

Click the Piano board for the red sunglasses, and the speaker for the purple electric bass!

Click the african masks eyes for the trombone, and the penguins beak for an outfit!

Phew! Thats all i could find! I LOVE all the new items, but i am a bit disapointed that they brought back the 3D glasses :( I loved those, but now they are not rare! Oh well! :)


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