Thursday, 27 May 2010

How to pass the EPF challange!

Hi penguins! This blog will be closed from tomorrow untill sunday 6th June. Before we go, i wanted to show you a video on how to pass the EPF challange. Here is is:

So, bye untill sunday! Your comments will still earn you coins, but they will not be published untill sunday. Enjoy the CP updates, I will post everything in time order when i get back (as if i have never gone). Byeeeeee!


Community tree growing!

Pengys! The Community tree at the mine has grown! Look!

I wonder if it will get bigger and grow pizzas! XD


Snow & Sports catalouge cheats!

The new cheats for the catalouge at the stadium ( :o ) are here! There is only one cheat! ( :o ) lol. On the first page, Click on the Football to get the Green Soccer Jersy!

Shame there is only one cheat, but i guess CP hasn't really had time to think about cheats...


Elite Penguin Force is online!

The EPF is now here! You are officially a citizen, it says on the sign in the Everyday Phoning Facility. If you click your spy phone, you get this message:

You have to complete a test ( Cheats comming soon ) to join the EPF. once you complete it, you get a new spy phone! The old one is completely deleted from your inventory :(

Bad points about the spy phone:

* You have to have herberts revenge to call elite puffles.
* You have to be a member to call elite puffles.
* Flare is the only elite puffle you can call so far.
* It takes about 10 seconds to teleport you.
* You cannot access the Elite gear.
* You cannot access the Field - Ops.
* It is very big.

Good points about the spy phone:

* It looks cool.
* It has more features.
* Some of it is animated.
* The teleport is easier to use.

Comming soon: Elite gear & Field ops

Elite gear

Access to the most advanced elite equipment.

Field - Ops

Be ready to report for duty

I hope the spy phone gets better!


Updates comming very soon!

Hi penguins! I was waiting for the updates, and i found the new HQ on the home screen! Take a look! the updates will be comming very soon then!

Stay tuned for the updates!


Club Penguin Times #241

The Club Penguin Times #241 is here! The sports shop is closing down, And the Everyday Phoning Facility will be replacing it! It is in herberts revenge, but i cant get screenshots untill June 17th! :'(

The snow & sport catalouge will be moved to the stadium! The new Penguin style will be here soon! But... i wont be here to post cheats! :'( Im going away on the 29th, and comming back on June 5th! So i promise i will post all updates on the 6th!

On the upcomming events section... nothing very important...

Pretty cool! Im sad im going away! :'(


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mission Reviewed by you!

Hi guys! Last week CP asked about the most difficult problem you've solved as an agent and Rosie906 said:

Well, I know this information is classified, but the hardest mission I ever solved was avalanche rescue. I was allowed to skip it though, so I moved onto the next one. Soon I was finished all the missions except that one! I decided to solve it once and for all. I went to the HQ, and solved the mission! It turned out it was easier than I thought! The trick is not to think too deeply. Be remarkable, be reliable, be ready! Good luck agents!

Now CP wants to know how we are helping out at the ski village! Hmm... im being a very helpful; agent and eating popcorn! XD


Our New series!

Hi penguins! You may have noticed in the last post i was wearing a different suit then usual. This is because... We are making a new series! Now, if you hate sci - fi, dont read any further! Me and Pinguoo6 are crazy about doctor who ( me more XD ) so we decided to make a series! The series will be called penguin who, and we will post one episode a week here! Well, now penguin who is still in production... But we manadged to make a trailer for it! Here it is:

We will be sure to keep you updated with this! We may need some cast... comment if you would like to audition for penguin who!


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Elite Penguin Force online sneak peek!

Hi guys! Elite Penguin force is comming online! Here is a sneak peek, and agents should be prepared for more challanges...

We need to find a HQ... OMG! Whats this? Construction at the ski village?!?! Anybody notice the EPF sign on the floor? And theres some other cool stuff...

you can still get into the HQ, but the sports shops closed :'( The CP teams got a TON of stuff launching this week! Also, you may notice im in a different suit. Well, i was doing something when i found out about the post, Pinguoo6 alerted me. You will be seeing that suit again soon...


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Final herberts revenge sneak peek!

Hi guys! its the last sneak peek today! :( but thats ok, because the game comes out on may 25th! :D Many of you have now had a chance to play the new mission online, and know a lot more about what "Herbert's Revenge" is all about. CP don't want to spoil the surprise for those who haven't, but will say that the story of the "Veggie Villain" will continue in the new DS game. All the pictures we've been showing you the last few weeks are from the mission AFTER "The Veggie Villain". And as many of you have guessed, they show a place that agents will have to sneak into... Herbert's Lair!

May 22nd Blog Image.jpgFor those who are worried about the future of secret agents, don't be! Though "Herbert's Revenge" is only on the DS, the team has been working on a TON of new stuff which will start launching online next week! Keep an eye on the What's New Blog for more info. I cant wait for herberts revenge! XD


Friday, 21 May 2010

EPF gadget sneak peek!

Here is a sneak peek of the EPF gadget that we now see on the homepage!

Looks cool! I cant wait for herberts revenge! Also, Screenhog gave us some behind the scenes artists pictures of the popcorn explosion! Did you know the island has only been affecred by missions back in 2008 when there was an earthquake?

Also, i have nearly been blogging for 2 months! not that much i know, but im not gonna give up!


Thursday, 20 May 2010

New spy gadget!

On the CP homepage, there is a new spy gadget visible. On the bit where the agent used to be, there is a new agent, who picks up a completely new gadget!

I cant wait to see it! i hope it is in a new PSA mission!


Secret message from the P.S.A!

Hi pengys! There is a secret message from the P.S.A in the newspaper! Click social scene to see it!

Attention agent:

As you know our P.S.A headquarters
have been compromised by popcorn.
Do not worry. we are making plans...
We'll update you very soon.
Stay sharp.

So there is more mission! i was right! XD Thanks to slidoo for this cheat, you earned yourself 20 coins! Also, the new catalouge will be released later today.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Club Penguin Times #240, Barrel Pin and popcorn mania!

The newspaper is out early! And there is a new pin, the barrel pin. It is hidden in the book room. It is very small, which is weird.

The penguin times is a very special one...

The sports shop is going to be closed, because it has been flooded with popcorn! how did that happen? ;)

The rest of the paper is about the stadium returning, and upcomming events! XD

HQ exploded :( the sign says:

"To do list:
Eat all th popcorn
Plan to catch Herbert
Find a new HQ soon"

Pretty cool! poor sports shop... Although the PSA has come to an end, that doesnt mean missions online have...


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Blog updates!

Hi guys! you may have noticed the extras page, and some other pages are missing. Dont worry! The extras page is full of links that lead to our stories, party cheats and mission walkthroughs!


Medieval day revewed by you!

Hi pengys! Last week CP asked what you're enjoying most at the Medieval Party and Purpelia said:

My favorite? Definitely the wizard tower! Me and my buddies play "wizard school," where two people are teachers and the rest are students, and the full wizards get wings! My favorite activity is potions, and i like how potions are spilled EVERYWHERE! Those are some messy wizards! Waddle On CP! (PS i love the arena and tree forts too!)

Agents! The new mission launched yesterday, so this week, CP want to hear from you. What's the most difficult problem you've solved as an agent? Mine was clearing up that popcorn herbert made!


Monday, 17 May 2010

Mission 11 here!

Well, after a 1 and a half year wait, mission 11 is finally here! cheats comming soon! (new page).

Another incident has been reported involving herbert p. bear. are you ready for the big showdown?


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Random Coin Code givaway!

Hi penguins! I am going to be giving away a coin code, right here in 1 hour!!! Stay tuned!

Coin code: used by Freddy3529

Keep refreshing for a chance to win!


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Herberts revenge sneak peek and events!

hi coolgem50 here, with a new sneak peek of herberts revenge! its going to effect the island very soon. basically, tommorow because mission 11 launches monday!

looks very interesting... i cant wait! There will also be 2 events to celebrate herberts revenge, one at May 22 at the Toys R Us in Times Square, New York. The other is on May 23 at the Disney Store in Glendale Galleria, Los Angeles. Also, im going to have another givaway soon! A scavanger hunt of sorts... not just on this web! Look out for hidden messages evry so often!


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Catalouge May - june 2010 cheats!

Here are the new cheats for both new igloo catalouges! Igloo item catalouge cheats!

I definitely think there is going to be an adventure party soon! Click the blue flower for the ficus plant and the leaf for the poodle plant!

Click the top of the royal throne for the snake grass and the fish for the bulrushes!

Here is the new cheat for the igloo upgrades catalouge! Click on the door of the ice castle to get the pink ice palace!

Well, thats all the new cheats. for old cheats, see older posts!


Mission 11 Updates!

Hi penguins! In the newspaper there is another secret message from the P.S.A, this time saying thanks for decoding the other message. You go to the confidential section, open the file and click the word "Classified".

oh no! We will defeat herbert!


Club Penguin Times #239

The weekly newspaper is here again! Its mostly about the medieval party, showing some stuff you can still do and some stuff you can buy in the catalouge comming later today!

And in the upcomming events section it has.. well... upcomming events!

Pretty cool! we will soon have the "party" to celebrate our 100th post!


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Our 100th post!

Hi penguins! This is our 100th post EVER! This blog has come a long way since its creation back in january (I made it then but never posted), one of the biggest changes being joined by the brilliant pinguoo6! I think he deserves a round of applause!

To celebrate our 100th post, Me and pinguoo6 have a little something planned, sorta like a party but hopefully better! All we need to know is: What is your time zone? thats all. Please, PLEASE comment with your time zones! We need to know!


An interesting compatition results!

This is the results of my cometition! I asked you what was my faverouite club penguin play?, and gave you a hint (The picture below).

Well the answer was... The quest for the golden puffle! Congratulations to fluffygood who bagged himself 100 coins! Remember there is a new catalouge comming on may 22nd!


Club penguin - The veggie villain/Herberts revenge hint?

Hi guys! i was looking through some comments on the sneak peek of the veggie villain, and i found this. It might be a clue, or it might be there just to put us off track...

(Click to enlarge)

Me and pinguoo6 think its a clue! i guess we will have to wait a week to find out! :D


Monday, 10 May 2010

Mission 11 - The veggie villain!

The new mission is called the veggie villain! Comming in 8 days! I will post mission cheats on a new page! Billybob gave us a sneek peak of the veggie villain and told us that mission 11 and herberts revenge are connected... meaning that (I think) herbert will be defeated in mission 11, and will take revenge on us... The sneek peak is of the mine. Anybody noticed a lot has been happening there recently? looks like this will have to do with the community garden...

I cant wait! I might have a contest after it is released, or a party! Also, do you like our new header?