Monday, 5 July 2010

Field-Op #4 walkthrough!

Well, the new field-Op has come early! I wonder if it will be like this next week? Calling all agents! Our surveillance network has had a major black out. We're not sure what, or who, is responsible. The broken network computer is disguised inside a couch. Search the island for it, then power it up! The mini-game is the same as the second one! Here is how you complete it:

1: Accept the field-Op in the command room.

2: Go to the ski lodge. Walk over to the couch.

3: Your phone will ring. Answer it.

4: Complete the challange! Move your Microchip using your keyboard, and power up the chipset!

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Field-Op #4! Collect your medal!

Pretty cool! I hope there is a new mini-game next week!


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