Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fair Reviewed by you!

The new reviewed by you is here! As many of you know, the Fair returns to the island September 3rd. Lots of you have told Club Penguin how excited you are to play games and earn prizes! Last week they asked what you were looking forward to most. Moon Girl 1 said:

I'm really looking forward to see all of the puffles perform at the famous puffle circus! I have spent a lot of time last year watching all of the puffles perform, and I think I am ready to become a puffle trainer this year! I have been training my puffles in my igloo for a very long time now. I really can't wait!

Congrats Moon Girl 1! There are new stamps, so this week, the Club Penguin Team want to know - Whats the most challenging stamp you've earned? Drop a comment here, and who knows, you could be in next weeks reviewed by you!


Rockhopper even closer...

Rockhopper is even closer! Take a peek through the telescope, and see for yourself!

I cant wait for the fall fair, and Rockhopper!


2 New sets of stamps!

Hey guys! Club penguin has released 2 new sets of stamps! Missions and Puffle rescue! The Puffle Rescue ones appeared before, but glitched. The missions ones are completely new!

So, if you are a whiz on the missions, you might just log on and find you have 22 new stamps!


Field-Op #12 Walkthrough!

The new Field-Op is here!
We've detected some strange readings comming from the Clock tower... We need to make sure it's safe to use. Work together at the snow forts to power up a new security system. Make sure not to alert the public!

Here is how to complete the newest Field-Op.

1: Accept the Field-Op in the command room.

2: Go to the snow forts.
3: Waddle up to the Clock tower.

4: Your spy phone will start to ring. Answer it.

5: Complete the mini game.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed Field-Op #12. Collect you medal!

Remember the Good old Field-Ops, where they Didn't give you the answer in the briefing?


Sunday, 29 August 2010

Happy77 wants YOUR questions!

Some of you may know that the Club Penguin wii game, Game day, is comming out in september.

Happy77 has rounded up some of the people who make the game, to answer your questions!

Just comment on this with your questions about the upcomming wii game, and Happy77 will pick a few and post the answers next sunday!


Friday, 27 August 2010

Fall fair decorations, and a surprise vist!

The fall fair is being set up! You can check it out at the Beach!

Awesome! I cant wait for the fair! Also, rockhopper will be here soon!

He will be here in time for the fair! That means - Rockhopper Stamp and Party stamp's! We might even be able to look for rockhoper at our birthday bash! Enjoy all the new updates!


Save your Igloo's!

As promised, you can now save your igloo's! To find an Igloo in your inventory, go to your items.

A screen with all your purchased igloo's will come up. The igloo you currently have will be semi-transparent.

Just choose the igloo you want! Its really cool and easy! What do you think of this update?


Igloo Pin!

The new pin is out, the Igloo Pin! It is hidden in the pool.

Why an Igloo Pin? Because of the new Igloo Updates!


Squidzoid VS Shadow guy and gamma girl returns!

Thats right, squidzoid is back at the stage! Be sure to check it out!

There is no cheats in the costume catalogue though! =O


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Club Penguin Times #254

There is a new penguin times out!

Prepare for the fair, comming september 2nd.

The Great puffle circus will be returning! Yes! Starting tonight, you will be able to save your igloos!

Upcomming events:

September 2nd - New penguin style!
September 2nd/11th - Fall Fair returns!
September 8th - New pin!
September 16th - Fairy Fables returns!
September 16th - New Igloo catalogue's!

Awesome! Today, fall fair preperation, New pin and Squizoid VS Shadow guy and gamma girl on at the stage!


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Community Helper reviewed by you!

There is a new reviewed by you! Thanks to your generosity, a new school is going to make a BIG difference in the community of Haiti. Club Penguin asked what you've done to help others in your own community and Reenabean98 said:

I love to help make a difference. My favorite way to help is by growing my hair! When my hair is 10 inches longs, I braid it and send it to Locks of Love, and they make it into a wig for people with cancer. It gives me a new look and I feel great that I did something good for someone else!

Congrats Reenabean98, and well done for helping the community! The fair is returning (YES!) so the question this week is, what are you looking forward to the most in the fair? The puffle circus! =D


Monday, 23 August 2010

Tactical Elite Gear, Lets roll!

The new elite gear is out, but only a few penguins have the entire set, as most penguins spent their medals on the "agent" set. My spare penguon (Coolgem500) didn't spend any medals, so he now has the entire set. I found out that there is a move you do when dancing! You roll/flip!

Its so cool! I hope they bring out more sets, with more cool moves!


EPF Movie!

There is a really cool update! When all the seats in the command room are filled, a movie comes up! I got some screenshots of it:

This is where it gets interesting though... Check out these pics:

What are they? They are the thing we use to teleport to the command room, so we might be able to teleport from the beach to... wherever the second one is! Be sure to check out the movie, it rocks! I want to thank my friends on twitter for comming to the command room to help me get the pictures ;) You rock, guys!


EPF command room update!

You may remember, in the old command room, when you clicked the TV it would change. In the new command room, they stopped that =( BUT... You can do it now! =D Check out the channel im watching!

Its SOO interesting... *Yawn* Remember, click the TV to get it to change. Be patient on the penguins talking and something funny will happen =)


Field-Op #11 Walkthrough!

There is an awesome new field-Op!

We've recieved information that a speaker somewhere has been rigged to cause "Serious damage". Search the island together for it, then shut it down. We cant take any chances!

Here is how to complete it:

1: Accept the field-Op in the command room.

2: Go to the lighthouse.
3: Stand near the speaker in the bottem left corner.
4: Your spy phone will ring. Answer it.

5: Complete this mini game:

Congratulations, you have successfully completed Field-Op #11. Collect your medal.

You can now spend you medals on some new Elite gear! Check the post below! What do you think of the enw Field-Op?


New Elite Gear!

There is some cool new elite gear! The Tactical set!

Great! Now when you complete the new Field-Op (Cheats comming soon)You can get some enw stuff! =D


Friday, 20 August 2010

Penguin Who episode 6: Finishing Touches (2/2)

Its been a long time since the last episode of penguin who, because of partys and my video editor, but i have finaly released episode 6! As the Doctor and Pinguoo6 battle to save the coffee shop, the experiments finish their "Bang machine"...

Next episode: Arcade Madness!

Sorry for the wait for this episode again! The next episode, is looking to be one of the best (So far)...


Thursday, 19 August 2010

New Igloo tunes!

There are 3 new igloo music tracks to play! The new ones are circled below:

Pretty cool tunes!


New Postcards!

There are some new postcards out! This is now the postcard "Featured Postcard" page!

You can now ask your friends to tell campfire stories! =D


Igloo Upgrades August - September cheats!

The new Igloo upgrades catalogue is out!

This is the new cheat. Click on the gym lights for the Pumpkin Igloo!

Thats the only new cheat. What do you think about the new cottage igloo?


Better igloo's catalogue August - September cheats!

The new better igloo's catalogue is here! Check out the new login screen:

This is the new catalogue:

You can now customize your furniture! This is the page for it:

Here are the new cheats:

Im pretty sure i missed some, because i only found 1 new cheat! Its on the only new page, click on the top of the modern art for the climbing wall!

Thats all the new cheats (I think)... They must have been too busy working on the customizable furniture.


Club Penguin Times #253

Its time again, for another issue of the Club Penguin Times!

Customise your igloo furniture, coming tonight!

Try clicking the picture a few times ;) There is also a section on the EPF... i mean, Everyday Phoning Facility.

Upcomming events:

August 26th - Shadow guy and gamma girl on at the stage!
August 26th - New Pin!
September 2nd - New penguin style!
September 2nd The Fall Fair returns!

Pretty cool! Remember, the mountain expedition ends tonight! Have you noticed the new widgets on the sidebar? Try them!


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Igloo reviewed by you!

Hello penguins! Last week Club penguin asked about your favorite kind of igloo to decorate. bluetrue2006 said:

My favorite igloo is the igloo with a yard! Where else would I put all my plants? It looks great and is fun. I use it for a beautiful garden, or sometimes an outdoor party. I think it is the best igloo! Me and my buddies love to hang out in my garden and look at all the flowers around us. Thanks for making it CP!! Waddle On!! :)

Congrats bluetrue2006! Next week, CP want to know what you have dont to make a difference in your community! What have you done?


Monday, 16 August 2010

Field-Op #10 Walkthrough!

There is a new Field-Op out!
We have a situation: someone has tampered with the steamer in the coffee shop. It's turned up to dangerous levels! Go there, and power up a new saftey override for the steamer. Make sure all citizens are safe. You must hurry!
Here is a complete walkthrough on how to complete it:

1: Accept the Field-Op in the command room.

2: Go to the coffee shop.
3: Waddle over to the steamer.

4: Your spy phone will start to ring. Answer it.

5: Complete this mini game:

Congratulations, you have successfully completed Field-Op #10! Collect your medal!

A fun one this week! What did you think of about it?