Sunday, 1 May 2011

The carnival had to end some time...

Hehe, loving the title :) Anyways, this is just to inform you that i have quit Club Penguin Carnival. It's been a good old ride, but i'm just not so interested in Club Penguin any more. I might still post occasionally, but i doubt it. So yeah... Bye guys! For the last time i write...


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Game updates!

Hi guys! Club Penguin has updated some games and added ice fishing and pizzatron 300 stamps! The updated games are Ice fishing, Pizzatron 3000 and cart surfing!

And here are the stamps! I have earned all ice fishing stamps because, well, im awesome :D

I like these new stamps! The pizzatron 3000 ones are hard though!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Toontown Clerics

The Toontown Clerics are a group of toons who can join together to help each other beat the VP, CEO, CFO, CJ or simply to help with toontasks. I, Fiery Fizzlepop, will also post stories and other things here. I hope you enjoy and join the Toontown Clerics!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Site down for major issues

Starting tomorrow, the site will be down as i have some bad stuff going on at home and i seriously need to sort it out. I also have to sort out this sites files, which will make it quicker on my PC. You might have noticed that nobody has been posting anything (Apart from Krauqy at the beginning :D) so i don't really see the point on this site being open. It will be closed from tomorrow (Any time) 'till April 22nd.

To all contestants of Riddle time with Pinguoo6:

The contest will resume on the 22nd, so check back for the results of round 1 then!

When we resume activity all posts will be bang up to date and posted on time, so you can look forward to that :) Bye for now!


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Riddle Time With Pinguoo6-Round 1

Ladies and gentleman boys and girls welcome to the gameshow thats Cracka'lackin
Riddle Time With Pinguoo6!

Yes were here today to kick start the brand new show on the block. We have our audience, we have our contestents and we have Pinguoo6 so lets start with week 1 Round 1

Riddle 1:
This place is a crazy place
it is sad, happy, adventures, daring and freaky
it is home to a snail, a squidsoid even a blubbing fish
this is the place where emotions are expresed
and the place where some people break up a swet

Today im feeling merry for the hat im wearing is jolly
With a ho ho here and a ho ho there
special gifts at a certain time
a festive hat with lots of cheer
but only comes once a year

Clue picture:

even if your not a contestent have a try and guess for yourself

Thank you for a great end to our first show join me on sunday for our results show . I've been Pinguoo6 You've been you Goodnight!

Can you guess what room im in and what hat im wearing? Comment by Sunday to get your points and want to win extra points scroll down and find out how to!


The Contestants

The final contenders are in and i am pleased to announce that we have enough contestents to let the quiz go ahead the contestents for Riddle time with Pinguoo6 are...






Are you all ready the 1st Round is going up in the next 30 minutes


Riddle time with Pinguoo6 starting tonight and guidelines

Riddle time with Pinguoo6 will be starting tonight with round 1 we have 5 contestants which mean that we only need two more contestents before this evning to raise the prize fund to 2 codes. Please scroll down for the guidelines

The quiz will be fairly straight forward
Evrey week on a tuesday(Uk)there will be 1 round. There will be 8 rounds in total

Evreyweek you will get a riddle and a clue to help you with the answer. The answer will be what room i am in that week and for bonus what hat i am also wearing (It will be in the riddle as well.

You will get from the tuesday (Uk) to the sunday (UK) to guess. On the sunday the points will be collected and shown with the answer

After all 8 rounds the top two will battle it out on one last riddle path to win the prize (will post more about that later)

Have fun! enjoy yourself!

The Points will work like this:

If you get the riddle/answer right you will get 20 points
If you get the bonus correct (What hat im wearing) you will get 10 points

If you send a picture of you in that room im in with that hat im wearing as well you will get 40 Points! you will have to send the picture to and your picture will also be shown on the blog that week!

If your the first to comment your answer Right or Wrong you get 5 Points!

you will need to comment your answer on the post (it will not be posted untill the sunday).

so that is all you need to know about riddle time with Pinguoo6
Good Luck to all the contestants
Don't forget round 1 will be up tonight and more contestents can enter until then so good luck