Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Water Scavanger hunt cheats!

Sensei needs you! The water Dojo is being created, and he needs waterey (Is that a word?) Items! Here are the cheats for the scavanger hunt!

Go to the Stadium, and click the water bottle for the first item!

For the second item, go to the Coffee Shop and click the coffee cup.

Go to the pet shop, and click the goldfish bowl, for the next item!

Go to the cove and click the water bottle next.

Book room, cup for the next item on the list!

Item No.6! Dance lounge, bottle!

Next, go to the beach and click the bucket.

For the last item, Go to the Dojo courtyard and click the fish!

Once you have all the items, you can claim a free water tank background! It rocks! Did you like this scavanger hunt? I certainly did!


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