Monday, 22 November 2010

Card-Jitsu Water cards out in the UK!

Card-Jitsu water cards have been released in the UK! My friend who lives in Ireland told me he has some, and i myself purchased 6 (Yup, im that sad :P) packets! Here are 3 packs compared with 3 Fire packs!

Awesome! I Will try to update this post with more pics, but it is rather difficult for me to upload... Anyway! There is a change! This series has 110 cards!! :O Thats a lotta cards!!! You remember when we had to vote for a card-Jitsu card? All of them were made in to Cards! I dont have the power one, but i have one called "Festival of flight"! Also, as i have 6 packs of Card-Jitsu water, i have 6 codes... They cant currently be used, But i might give 1 away! If i give one away i will have a party too! What do you think about these cards? They rock!!