Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ninja cloud wave bracers update!

Club penguin have updated the Cloud wave bracers! Or, its a bug. If it is, i like this bug! xD When you dance, and turn invisible, Your penguin will be a darker shade of the colour you are wearing for a second! It then just fades in to being invisible! Here is me trying it:

Awesome, right? I found this first! Very first! Me feels so special! Im not sure if this works with all colours though... In other news, its the first day of advent tomorrow! I get to open my Peppa pig calander! xD What sort of calander do you have? And, what does advent mean to you? Drop a comment and tell me!



  1. PEPPA PIG?! xD if this is mean sorry but my 3 year old bro watches peppa pig! I have a bart simpson one =)Dino

  2. Lol I don't have a calendar yet, but I will soon

  3. cool... btw its me laura428. i have a cadbury one. any other ones make me sick! xxx

  4. yer dont be cocky