Saturday, 6 November 2010

Penguin Style November - December 2010 cheats!

Hey guys! Gonna start filling in important posts i've missed... Starting with catalouge's! CP Has released a new catalouge! It looks like this!

Here are the cheats:

Go on to the third page and click the circled tree for the Brown Teal Cap and the Green Vest!

On the next page, click the Penguins Beak for the Ble designer scarf!

On the page after that, click the Purple penguins beak for the Pink designer scarf!

After that, click the fish for the Viking helmet! Click it 4 times for the Blue Viking helmet!

On the page after that, Click Lady Frankenpenguins beak for the Frankenpenguin costume, and The Counts beak for the Frankenpenguin head!

Next page! Click the Ghosts head for the Crook and Flail!

5 Pages after that, click the circled tree to get the Sun rays and Boys sweater vest!

Go forward to the Clearance page and click the tree next to the word Clearance to get the Blue Duck and the brown penguins eye for the Mountain climber gear and Hiking boots!

On the next page click the penguin on the rights boot for the Accoustic sunburst guitar, and the Tree on the left for the 3D Glasses!

On the last page click the Mountain top for the Green hiking boots!

WOW! Cool cheats! I really like the new items :) What about you?


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