Thursday, 25 November 2010

Card-Jitsu Water is here!

Card-Jitsu water has finally arrived! It rocks! The water Dojo is open, this is what it looks like!

Here and ready to train, Ssensei! I must master the element of water, but... how? Ah, this is how you play the game:

This might confuse you, because it confused me when i first saw it! To make it easier, you start the game on the waterfall. You dont want to fall off the edge. You are standing on a stone, with stones all around you. If the stone in front of you has a water symbol on it, you will have to pick a snow card from the bottem of the screen, as snow beats water. Then you move forward. The first person to reach the gong at the end, or the last ninja standing, will gain experiance! The game is going slowley at the moment, because so many people are trying to play it. Just press the +/= button on your keyboard to make CP low quality. This will stop the lagging. Because i played in low quality, some of the pics are in LQ. Sorry about that =S Check out the new Items you can get!

I have just got the waterfall coat!

This is how it looks on my player card:

Awesome, right? Let me know what you think of this game. I think its cool! Im gonna go earn my torrant mask now! Catch ya later!


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