Thursday, 11 November 2010

New Newspaper!

Hey guys, Krauq Eitreb here, and happy to be on the blog now! (: So, today there was a new newspaper released on Club Penguin! Here is the front cover!:
Inside it explains about the new exciting things that are coming soon! It looks like this storm is DEFINATELY                                  for Card Jitsu Water,  since Sensei talks about it inside. Next, which is what I think is the most exciting, is a new look for the newspaper which is basically a new layout including a news flash section, and its now coming out on Fridays! :)
The upcoming events are as followed!: (Drum roll please!)
Nov. 12 New Igloo catalogs!
Nov. 19 Space Adventure Planet Y coming to the stage!
Nov. 19 New Penguin Mail
Nov. 26 New Stamps!

~Krauq Eitreb! :)

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  1. Sorry I haven't replied back...I'm currently working on the template! I think you'll like it! :D