Friday, 16 April 2010

Herberts Revenge Theory!

I was just browsing through CP pics, when i came across the cover of the upcomming DS game, herberts revenge. Everybody's already seen it, i know, but i started to think. Notice one word that sticks out? Revenge. Revenge as in wanting to get your own back. But Herbert hasn't been caught yet? Well, since the release date for herberts revenge is june 1st (Apparently), I thought we should look at the facts.

1) Herbert hasn't been caught yet, but it says revenge.

2) The mine caves opened recently, and we have sneek peeks that show herberts hideout is in a cave.

3) A sneek peek was shown, that included herbert &klutzy at a computer desk. A computer desk is in the mine.

4) Herberts plan involes seeds, and earth day is comming up.

5) Herberts plan involves puffles, and all the puffles ran in to the mine cave.

I have thought all this through, and have decided that Herbert found the cave because he heard of the golden puffle in mission 10. he heard rumors that a golden puffle is down there. he made a secret cave which leads to his home thingy in the mine. He used seeds to lure the puffles in to the mine to try and find a golden puffle. When the penguins came to rescue the puffles, he fled to his mine home. In the earth day party, herbert may steal seeds which will lead to mission 11. we will capture him, and in herberts revenge he will be back and wanting to destroy club penguin. phew! thats my theory (kinda). whats yours?


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