Sunday, 11 April 2010

Card jitsu code givaway - First vote off!

Helloooooooo penguins! We have the results in from the contest! There will be a vote off between the bottem 3! anyway, To the results!

Fluffygood's guess was 400! And fluffygood is...

In the vote!

Next, is slidoo. slidoo's guess was 397. Very close to fluffygood's! But...

Still, in the bottem 3!

Next is Racket2000. He thought i had 350 items! Racket 2000 is obviously...

Not in the vote! Well done racket, that is close!

So that leaves us with lemon2608 or legotech9 in the vote! The person in the bottem 3 was...

Lemon2608! :(

Now the poll is open to vote for somebody! Slidoo, Lemon2608 or fluffygood! Vote now! The poll will be open for about 8 hours.



  1. darn... i drew out of a hat. should have just chosen 350!

  2. Can you have another one of these soon? Because I REALLY want to join, and all the reality show things JUST STARTED!! It stinks...

    P.S. I don't know who to pick! They are all my friends!!

  3. i proboberly will have another one, and if they are your friends, dont vote for any of them!

  4. i know, i set it to end tonight, but it ended about 2 mins after i set it up! must be a glich, so i will close it manually tonight.

  5. No, I am not stuck anymore, I have a few thousand hits, but it took way longer than everyone else.

  6. i will post the amount i have soon... very soon! proboberly when the other poll ends in like 40 mins!

  7. i will go to the web :) and you just summed me up with those 3 words :D

  8. thats me :D ps loooooovvvve your site!

  9. I'm back! And looks like Slidoo is going to be voted off...

  10. o :( i like slidoo oh well nevermind :)