Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Card jitsu code givaway challange scrapped!

Hello peeeeeeeeeennnnnnguins! I have decided to scrap the scavanger hunt challange due to stupid time zones :s Anyway, i have thought of a new challange for the final 4! I have only been a member since jan 4th, and thats when i got the spy suite that i wear now (I got the sunstriker from the treasure book, and now i have the spy suite from the treasure book too :D). Your task is to guess which costume i wore before i was a member! Comment with your answer, if you get it wrong, you will be in the next vote! Here are the costumes:

Costume 1:

Costume 2:

Costume 3:

Costume 4:

Comment with your answer! if you dont have an answer, you will be in the vote! i will only accept entries untill 10pm PST tommorow!



  1. i dont know... is it... i dont know! ill think about it for a little while before i answer

  2. Cool! You joined Club Penguin exactly ONE YEAR later than me! I joined cp on December 27, 2006!!

  3. no slidoo, i made my account on 4th september 2006