Sunday, 11 April 2010

Card jitsu code givaway - contestants and first challange!

Hey penguins! The contestants who are in the competition are:





And last but not least...


One of these penguins will win the code! Here is your first challange:

This is the first page of my body items! i am 1286 days old, am a secret agent, EPF agent, tour guide, ninja and fire ninja. I have 56 head items, and have only been a member since jan 4th 2010! This is all the information you will need (proboberly)! your task is to guess how many items i have altogether (including pins, awards, colours and backgrounds). Comment with your answer (It will not be posted), and the bottem 3 who's guess's was no where near, will be in the vote! Then everybody votes for 1 of the bottem 3 to leave, and then that person is eliminated! i need all the answers by 10 am PST tommorow! If i do not have your entry by then, you will be eliminated! good luck! (Hint: It is between 150 and 500)



  1. hard one... im guessing something in the 300's.

  2. i will not give any hints, and have just added that there will be a bottem 3, and penguins have to vote for one of them to leave!

  3. k! p.s. i can just be called lemon2608 if piper (lemon2608) is too long

  4. k lemon2608! are you having trouble with the challange?

  5. I guess... 400!


    P.S Texting Legotech9 to answer the question too

  6. I see headlines in New York!

    Coolgems50: the next Mimo!

  7. You know what you should have in the catalog? A Autographed Fan Banner that YOU Autographed so that we can put it on our site!
    PLease have that! I want a autographed banner!

  8. Hey... i noticed that you took of the word thingy! Thanx!

  9. Watching "life". Pretty cool