Sunday, 18 April 2010

Card jitsu givaway - Last 2!

This is getting exciting! As some of you know, i was away recently, so pinguoo6 posted the notice below (There are no pics because he cant take them). Anyway, i got another 9 packs of card jitsu fire, thinking that i will give another few away soon, and guess what? i got another GOLDON CARD JITSU CARD!!! i MAY give this away or i might sell it on ebay. i will decide soon. The results of the last competition were...

Pic 1: Dojo
Pic 2: Beach
Pic 3: Ski mountain
Pic 4: Dock

It seems the one that people got stuck on was pic 2! Racket2000 got all the pics right, so he is in the final 2!

Fluffygood said the mine. I wasnt sure if he meant inside or outside. I looked outside, and there were no messy clumps of snow. i looked inside, and there were no messy clumps of snow. i dont really understand how he thought it was the mine.

Lemon2608 said the plaza. i went there, and saw a big clump of snow.

So, unfortunately Fluffygood is eliminated from the competition :( :'( i will hold another one soon! You can sign up for that! This means that the card jitsu code will either go to Lemon2608 or Racket2000! Good luck, the new challange is comming soon...