Monday, 12 April 2010

Card jitsu code givaway - new challange!

hey penguins! Today, one of the penguins will leave the competition. That penguin is...

Slidoo :( :'( sorry slidoo! The correct answer was 320! i have 320 items!

So, lemon2608 and fluffygood are safe! The next challenge for the final 4 is...

The scavanger hunt! OK, i know i said all the challanges would be about my penguins looks or igloo, but hey i lost interest :D. The scavanger hunt is...

Tommorow, we all meet up on fjord. I will go to a place on the island and wait there! you will have to find me! if you are on my buddy list, i will temporarily delete you, for a fair contest! It is tommorow, at 10:30 pm PST on fjord. all go to the iceburg, then i will hide! If you cant come please comment!



  1. I cant come either! I got school! I can come from anytime between 4:30 PST- 7:30 Pst.

  2. Hold on... I am texting Legotech and we live near eachother so i dont think he can come either.

  3. BTW: i cant do it on Wednesday because i play football and i have a game then.

  4. My Penguin is unbanned! Oh and fluffy told me that he told you about my tutoring program thingy.
    By the way, my name has 2 b's.

    WAnna meet on Fjord at dock again Now?

  5. hi guys i only just woke up stupid time zones :s we need to find a time that we can all do!

  6. and i cant do it at all tommorow unless its like 1-4 am PST. got some family stuff in the afternoon