Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Givaways page scrapped and blog updates... by you!

Hey all kewl pengys reading this! I have decided to scrap the givaways page, but dont fret! i will still do givaways on here! Fluffyfood, because you entered the competition already, you recieve 20 coins!

Anyway, me and pinguoo6 have spent hours trying to think of ideas for the blog, and i realised that you should tell us! Comment with what you think we should have on the blog! we will not have music as some people (including me) find it irritating. And does anyone know how to get double sidebars? We really need one so we can add more stuff!



  1. i know how to set the music to where you have to turn it on yourself... that way you can choose if there is music or not!

  2. peeps we really need double sidebars!

  3. How to get 2 sidebars:

    Go to Dashboard

    Check Make blogger in draft my default dashboard

    then go to layout

    then go to template designer and choose the 2 sidebars.

  4. thanks fluffygood i will try it!