Monday, 14 March 2011

Puffle Launch!

Puffle Launch is here! It is a pretty cool game! You can find it in the pet shop.

Once you click the canon and select to play, you can choose which of your puffle you will be playing with! I am bringing my Brown puffle, Inventor!

This is the level select screen!

Choose a level and then play! Press the space bar to fire out of the green canons! Blue canons shoot you automatically. Soon you learn how to move your puffle and use Red and Purple canons. You have to get as much Puffle-O's as you can, and then go to the big puffle-O! Look at Inventor go!

Even the shy White Puffles like it!

As you earn more Puffle-O's you will unlock new canon pieces! When you get them all you will get a canon in your igloo inventory, which you can put in your igloo! You can then play Puffle Launch from your home!

I LOVE this game! It is a great addition to the pet shop!


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