Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New Dance Lounge!

Hey guys Krauqy here, with the AWESOME update of the new dance lounge! CP has changed this whole room COMPLETELY. Here is the full view of the room! :D
Pretty awesome, right? Here are some notable changes:
1. The decor! The floor and the walls are so much more livelier! Although they should be, considering it is a dance lounge! I love the spiral floor! xD

2.New game! Bits and Bolts! Okay, so of course you gotta've noticed the new game! I'll have a post on this game a bit later, so stay tuned! ;)

3. Brand new furniture! The chairs and tables have been revamped, and there are a couple of stools near the arcade games. Not to mention a drinks machine, *yum!* and Hit The Target!

4. Its not really a great update, but I love the neon lights on the wall, they're awesome! ;)

Have fun with the awesome new additions!
Catch ya later!
~Krauqy! :P

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