Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Field Ops #38!

Woo! Its this weeks edition of FIELD OPS from Krauqy! xD We're up to 38, and here is the guide! =) Obviously start by reporting to EPF HQ to get our field op from G! :D
Turn our attention to crabs? Woo, I love crabs! =D Anywayz, lets find the location of our field-op! Head to the cave, and waddle on over to the middle window! Our little phone's gonna start ringing! Yay! Game time! xD

The game this week is Crack The Code! A pretty simple trial-and-error game! =)
Woo! I cracked the code! Go me! xD Ooh lookie, we got a message from Rookie! (that rhymed! :D)
So, our signal was from a crab! Rookie's gonna try 'n' translate that, well good luck to you Rookie! :S 
Bye for now! :D
~Krauqy! :)

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