Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The NEW blog!

Hey guys! Most people said that they wanted me and Pinguoo6 to return to blogging, which is very kind of you :) Thing is, i quit (After the explodey computer) .I am not sure weather Pinguoo6 will still be blogging with me, as he has an awesome new site ( , He is looking for new reporters!)! (BREAKING NEWS)i have heard that he kindly will keep on reporting!Anyway, with maybe just me and Pinguoo6 left i realise why this blog never really took off, and thats because i worked on the ideas and theme and other stuff like that with Pinguoo6 and we always had same ideas but we came up with no fresh ideas. So, i am going to Rename the blog and hire some new authers! If you are interested, comment answering these questions (They wont be posted):

1: Whats your penguin called?
2: How old are you?
3: How long have you been playing CP?
4: Whats your e-mail?
5: Have you ever worked on any other blogs? If so, what ones?
6: What time zone are you in?
7: When will you be available (EG: Always after school, 2 hours after school, only wednesdays etc.)
8: What good ideas have you got to make this blog better?
9: Do you have Twitter?
10: Why should we hire you?

Please answer in full sentances. Next, what good origonal blog names are there? I need to have a good Website name! Here are some good suggestions by Slidoo and Ivan30660cp:

Hi its pinguoo6 here. just to confere i will be blogging on this site. Just to say a couple of things. i need new reporters on my blog to dive into the latest news and get coin codes so visit my site and also think carfully about your answers your place dependes on them but other than that enjoy the new blog

Just to say we can go on like this forever so you have until the 2nd november 2010 to apply to work on this and my other site. so good luck

So, if you have any cool names, be sure to tell me! :) Make sure they are not the same as somebody else's though! Speak soon, Bye!

-Coolgem50 and Pinguoo6

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