Sunday, 17 October 2010

Very annoying now...

Hey guys, theres not really much point reading this. This post is aimed at whoever keeps posting nasty and spitefull comments, like this one:

Dear the very mature person who posted that. If im so rubbish and attention seeking, why come to my blog? Also, i think you are a coward. You dont even put a name, just Anonymous! Another thing, Pinguoo6's blog. I told him to make a new blog, i even gave him the name for it! I thought i was actually quitting, and i didnt want it to be the end for Pinguoo6, 'Cos i know he loves Club Penguin. The reason i am comming back is not for attention, it is to help and thank my true friends, the ones who stood by me and tried to convince me not to quit. So why waste your time commenting on my blog, trying to hurt other peoples feelings? Just go away and dont come back. Sorry about that everyone.


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