Saturday, 16 October 2010

The end... Or a new begining?

Hello guys, Coolgem50 here, posting what might be my last post. But thats up to you ;) I'll just fill you in on what happened. Back in september my computer literally exploded!

Anyway, i had no computer for a few weeks. I then got my brand new computer (Still not as good as the old one). I had just posted "Im back!" when my computer turned itself off. It wouldn't come back on at all! I had to get my brainbox uncle to fix it, but that took another 2 weeks. I was just about to make a new post when i saw some very nice comments :/

Thank you for those comment, you mature people/Person :/ So i had officially quit after that. But i could always come back. I am very torn on what to do. I have two choices. I could either walk away and leave this blog for ever, or i could come back, Keep blogging, Revamp the site and maybe change the name. What do you think i should do? Its your choice.


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