Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mountain Expedition cheats!

Hello! Its me, Coolgem50, im back! Did you miss me? ;) Anway, the mountain expedition is here! Go to the ski village to start the climb.

Enter the mountain expedition! You will be in the supply camp.

There is a new free item, the Chilly treck hat!

There is also a new catalogue!

Once you have got the free item, and brought some supplys, go through to the cave.

There is a new puzzle in this room! Click on the icicles to move them down and up. You will get the hang of it eventually ;)

You can now walk through where the icicles were, to get to the next room! It's like a break, you can stay here for a while, but remember to continue your journey up the mountain!

Continue up the mountain to the next room! There is a new puzzle... here is the scene.

Here is how to complete this puzzle:

1: Mouse over the pile of snow above the axe.
2: Click the twig.
3: Click the twig 4 more times.
4: Click the axe.
5: Click the axe 9 more times.
6: Throw snowballs at the icicles untill they fall.

Now there is a path accross the gap! Walk accross it and continue up the mountain...

Now you are at the top of the mountain!

Click the camera to get the Top of the mountain background!

Also, you can get the Red flag!

Congratulations, you have now finished the main part of the mountain expedition, but thats not all the secrets... ;) Yup, thats right, theres another secret...

The secret room

There is a secret room! If you are at the top of the mountain, go back 1 room. There is a block of ice in the bottem right corner. Click it!

Its the entrance to a secret cave! Its really cool inside! And if you give a tour, it says something might live there... :O

Well, there you have it. Thats everything you need to know about the mountain expedition. Did our guide help you? Please tell us if it did! ;) Enjoy the expedition!


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