Monday, 14 June 2010

Penguin who updates!

Hi pengys! A few of you have asked me where Pinguoo6 is in Penguin who! Well, the finale is going to be good and its an all star cast! We have some of my tweeting buddies in it, pinguoo6, a buddy from the CP wiki and even a semi famous person! Stay tuned for the finale! What do you think about the experiments plans and the cracks? It will all fit in eventually... Catch up here:

Tell us what you think!



  1. i want pinguoo6 in the next episode

  2. and its already been filmed and he is not in it. he is in the one after that and 12/13.

  3. because he is super cool- to be true he should have been in from start he is great -

  4. thank you very much for your flattery but i must say that me and coolgem50 are upset about the situation.

    coolgem has spent many hours working on these episodes and he has explaned to you that i will be in it and when. i also should add that you should also say thank you to coolgem for all the hard work he has done for this blog

    but i am willing to let this conversation under the sand if coolgem50 gets a propper apolagy and to let us all be freinds

    sincerly Pinguo6

  5. im sorry coolgem50 i didnt mean so much trouble

  6. I thought i was in the finale for the episodes?