Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Site down for major issues

Starting tomorrow, the site will be down as i have some bad stuff going on at home and i seriously need to sort it out. I also have to sort out this sites files, which will make it quicker on my PC. You might have noticed that nobody has been posting anything (Apart from Krauqy at the beginning :D) so i don't really see the point on this site being open. It will be closed from tomorrow (Any time) 'till April 22nd.

To all contestants of Riddle time with Pinguoo6:

The contest will resume on the 22nd, so check back for the results of round 1 then!

When we resume activity all posts will be bang up to date and posted on time, so you can look forward to that :) Bye for now!



  1. so what are these major issues then? anyway i thought you were not posting comment untill the results of riddle time so now evreypne knows the answer

  2. whats happend why cant i do anything? i've posted as well.

  3. its all about you isn't it. it dosen't take that long for you to change the disign you just can't be bothered with it any more

  4. You dont care any more14 April 2011 at 03:19

    just delete the whole blog nobody wants a bighead to run a blog

  5. what do you mean they are hurting your grandma?

  6. Throwing stones and stuff at her house and windows. The police are having words with his mum.