Friday, 1 April 2011

April 2011 catalog cheats!

Woo! April's catalog is out and its time to shop! Lets get to work on the new cheats for this edition then! =)
The first cheat is for the Viking Helmet! :)
To get the red viking helmet:
1. Click on the bucket of blue paint thats about to spill.
2.Tadaaa! xD
For blue:
1. Get the red viking helmet up.
2. Close and open it up 3 times.
3. Voila! Ze blue viking helmet will have appeared in front of your eyes. 
Yay! Bunny stuff! For the bunny ears, click on the helium tank.
For the White Cocoa Bunny Costume, click on the pointy rock at the back of our space scene. x]
For the cowgirl wig, click on the moon in the corner! (sorry this one isn't circled, my laptop was playing up xD )
For the Cocoa Bunny Ears, click on the barrel next to the penguin. =)
For the Cocoa Bunny Costume, click on the bottle of soda next to the bunny penguin! =)

That's it! I like this edition of the catalog, but I already have all the old items! :( Anyway, for the rest of the catalog, check back on our website! 
~Krauqy! x]

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