Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Riddle Time With Pinguoo6-Round 1

Ladies and gentleman boys and girls welcome to the gameshow thats Cracka'lackin
Riddle Time With Pinguoo6!

Yes were here today to kick start the brand new show on the block. We have our audience, we have our contestents and we have Pinguoo6 so lets start with week 1 Round 1

Riddle 1:
This place is a crazy place
it is sad, happy, adventures, daring and freaky
it is home to a snail, a squidsoid even a blubbing fish
this is the place where emotions are expresed
and the place where some people break up a swet

Today im feeling merry for the hat im wearing is jolly
With a ho ho here and a ho ho there
special gifts at a certain time
a festive hat with lots of cheer
but only comes once a year

Clue picture:

even if your not a contestent have a try and guess for yourself

Thank you for a great end to our first show join me on sunday for our results show . I've been Pinguoo6 You've been you Goodnight!

Can you guess what room im in and what hat im wearing? Comment by Sunday to get your points and want to win extra points scroll down and find out how to!



  1. You're in the Stage with the Santa hat!

  2. Room: Stage
    Hat: Santa Hat