Friday, 3 December 2010

Penguin Style December - January 2010/2011 cheats!

The new Penguin style catalogue is out! Check out the last front cover for 2010!

Awesome! Lets have a look at the cheats... On the first page, click the First 'F' to get the Blue Fuzzy hat, and the christmas light to get the puffle pullover! Thanks Slidoo for telling me how to find the Puffle pullover!

On the next page, click the Yellow puffle for the Candy cane wing-warmers! You can also click the circled bit of the steps to... whatever that place is, to get the Yellow toque and the Black whirlpool snowsuit! Thanks Slidoo again for telling me about the last cheat!

On the page after that, click the tips of all the trees to get the Blue earmuffs, Blue striped scarf and Blue mittens!

Go to the next page and click the top of the mountain for the snowman costume! This is one of my all time favourites! Also, click the Tree for the Gingerbread man costume! Thanks Slidoo yet again for telling me aboud the gingerbread man costume!

Last~new page now! Cick the circled bauble to get the snowboard boots! You might not be able to see it clearly. It is in the top right hand corner.

Thats all of the new cheats! Wont that please you? xD Too many cheats!


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