Friday, 10 December 2010

Better Igloo's December 2010 Catalog cheats!

There is a new, festive better igloo's catalog! Since im in the festive mood, here is a code to get 500 FREE coins on Club Penguin! DECNLR10 Use it! xD Anyway, this is the new Better Igloo's catalog cover!

Here are the latest cheats...

Click on the Coins for change sign and the Star on top of the christmas tree to get the Holiday lights and Holiday bells.

On the next page, click the lantern on the candy cane and the Wood on the wood stove, to get the Leaning tree and Icicle lights!

On the page with AWESOME snowmen, and the last page of new cheats, Click the word 'Scarf' and the Bird to get the Fireplace and Lamp post.

Thats all the new cheats =) Whaddaya think? XP I think they're pretty awesome! I especially like the donation tube, because its for coins for change!


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  1. Thanks Friend for having my Banner on your Blog :) I have added you to my Blog List :) See you around in Club Penguin :)