Friday, 31 December 2010

2011 Checklist:

Where i am, 2011 is 1 hour and 6 minutes away (From when i am writing this). So i would just like to say a big thank you. Thank you for coming to my site, and thank Pinguoo6 and Krauqeitreb for being amazing authors =) Below i have made a checklist of all the things i hope to achieve in 2011. As the year goes on and i achieve more goals, i will come back to this post and show that i have achieved it =) This is just my own personal goal setter, it will proboberly be a bit boring for you.

Goals to achieve:

Get 50,000 hits [ ]
Revamp the site [X] (Done by Slidoo :)
Have at least 3 AWESOME party's [ ] [ ] [ ]
Hire 1 new author [ ]

My predictions for 2011 (CP):

Brown Puffle [X] 18/1/2011
At least 4 new rooms [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Card Jitsu snow [ ]
Major EPF update [ ]
At least 150 new stamps (Now: 229) [ ]

Well, thats it! Theres only one more thing to say, and thats...

I look forward to a good year of blogging, and, well, I'll see ya in 2011! Bye! =)



  1. Could I be a author? plz plz plz!

  2. my prediction is that you will no longer own this blog

  3. Ohai der 'krauq eitreb' hehe. xP