Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Im back... And new updates!

Hihihi! im back! :D A lot has been happening since i have gone, so this will be quite a long post! There is a new sneak peek of the medievil party, one of the members quests!

Look cool! There is a new sneak peek of herberts revenge, showing the sneak peek's that we got a few weeks ago! It is herbert's lair, and there is four rooms in total! Can you figure out what will happen in herbert's revenge... AND club penguin?

Also, slidoo won the dress coolgem50 contest, with his entry of:

Congrats! I will be wearing that at party's, and possibly in most posts. Can slidoo please give me his e-mail in a comment so i can send him the code card! And, has anyone noticed that CP is glitching?

Postcard glitches:

So much for recycling postcards!

Postcards have gone missing! :o

Stage glitches: Penguin play awards script!

Weird huh? There is also a map gitch. It only works on slow computers, so i haven't got a pic, but go on the map and move your curser over a place so the sign comes up that says "The beach" or "The snow forts". Move your curser and close the map. if your computer is slow, the sign will still be there even though the map is closed! try it! Thats all... byeeee!



  1. aww! I was just about to give my entry for the random outfit contest!

  2. hmm... well, give me your entry and i will see what happens...