Thursday, 27 May 2010

Elite Penguin Force is online!

The EPF is now here! You are officially a citizen, it says on the sign in the Everyday Phoning Facility. If you click your spy phone, you get this message:

You have to complete a test ( Cheats comming soon ) to join the EPF. once you complete it, you get a new spy phone! The old one is completely deleted from your inventory :(

Bad points about the spy phone:

* You have to have herberts revenge to call elite puffles.
* You have to be a member to call elite puffles.
* Flare is the only elite puffle you can call so far.
* It takes about 10 seconds to teleport you.
* You cannot access the Elite gear.
* You cannot access the Field - Ops.
* It is very big.

Good points about the spy phone:

* It looks cool.
* It has more features.
* Some of it is animated.
* The teleport is easier to use.

Comming soon: Elite gear & Field ops

Elite gear

Access to the most advanced elite equipment.

Field - Ops

Be ready to report for duty

I hope the spy phone gets better!


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