Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wilderness Expedition cheats!

Hey guys!

I thought i would start with that picture because it looks interesting. You will find out more bout THAT subject later ;) The expedition is out! Here is my guide on how to complete it... First, go to the dock. You will see the pathway to the unknown...

Go in. Make sure to get your free item!

Then there is a maze... =D You may be confused at first...

But there are hints. There are cogs/gears/robotic parts behind trees that signal the right path! For example, the first path you have to take is to the right...

Then go up, right, down, Left, Down then right. You should have just reached a...

...Cliff! You have to get down the cliff safely. To do that, you have to make the machine work. Press the buttons in this order to make it work...

Then hit the target that comes up with lots of snowballs. Your ride has arrived!

Get in the barrel, and you will be lowered down to the shore. Non - members, your adventure must stop here =( Members, get the life jacket from here:

This is the fun bit, my favourite bit. You have to build your own boat!

Just slot the pices to how they look in the picture below. Heres one i made earlier ;)

Then you can sail away to unknown lands!

You will end up in front of a cave.

Prepare yourself, friends. For inside is a...

...Brown puffle room! AND You get to adopt one for FREE!!!! Methinks i'll have this one =)

To all you non members, here is the SWF to the brown puffle room:

You can view it in full size here.

Well, thats all! I have to go and make sure Browney gets settled in. I made my igloo like a forest, to remind him of home! I think he likes that...

LOL! Bye for now guys :)


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