Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The AWESOME new blog! Credit to Slidoo ;)

As im sure you can see, the Club Penguin Carnival has had a bit (Understatement?) of a revamp. New custom theme (Made by slidoo) New header (By Slidoo) New awesomeness (You guessed it, Slidoo!)! This is a 2000% improvement. I have been wanting a custom theme for months, and Slidoo made me one! I will come back to that in a bit =) This is a comparison of the old and new look:

Some images that are too big may go off to the side, but that should be fixed soon :) Anyway, i said earlier that i would come back to WHY Slidoo made it for me. Me and Slidoo have become friends after we started to make youtube videos. We called the production that made the videos, S-Gem productions.

You can view our videos by clicking here. Also, thanks to Slidoo, i can now tick one off in my 2011 checklist! :P Well thats pretty much it, i am very excited about the new look, so, well, bye! =)


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