Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Trip down Memory Lane- Number 1- The Very Beginning! (October 2005!)

Club penguin started many moons ago all the way in october 2005! It took many months to construck but after much hard work it was was finally online after a few weeks penguins began to settle into there new homes at the time penguins were celebrating with new games, new buildings and new buddys! and at the end of the month penguins celebrated halloween for the first time with a party and made loads of decorations to go round the island (even know at that time there wasn't much there)

And very soon it was the end of the first month at club penguin (little did penguins know all the fun that they would be having in the future!

Next Time On A Trip Down Memory Lane- Number 2 - Whats That little Fluff Ball? (November 2005!) Coming on the 28th September 2010


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