Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Awesome Rocking Amazing Birthday bash review!

Today was the day of our birthday bash! We had planned it for 2 months... We were expecting quite a few penguins to come! Dupple came!

We made a conga line!

Then we went to the ski lodge... Some of us anyway.

We realised that a beta was at my party! He invited everybody to his igloo! My friends stuck by me and didn't leave though :]

I wish! All my "Friends" went to the Betas igloo! Mine and Pinguoo6's party looked like this:

I learned who my true friends are. Pinguoo6 felt that all the penguins weren't there for our party and didn't care about us, so he didn't give away any codes. Our party was ruined, and i hope all of you who came feel good that you saw a beta. =(


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